Episode 2, Scala Basics pt1 – syntax n’ stuff

This is the first part in a three part series that will cover the basics of Scala.

This first part will cover stuff like defining variables and functions, statements and expressions, basic collections and so on.

Part two will cover Object Orientation and in the third and final part I’ll talk about Functional Programming with Scala.


Scalax 2011 videos are available!

The Scala Exchange 2011 conference was held in London today and yesterday. I would have loved to be there and meet other Scala enthusiasts but I couldn’t fit into my schedule. Maybe next year!

Anyway, I was really happy to see that the organizers got the videos from the talks up on their site superfast. Most of the sessions became available the same day.

Keynotes from Martin Odersky and James Strachan. Interesting sessions on the Eclipse plug-in, scalability, Scalaz, Akka, Parallell Collections and more!

Go there now and check them out!

Scala Exchange 2011


Episode 1, Scala and Sbt

Time to get started! In this first episode I show you how to install the Scala sdk and Simple Build Tool, sbt. I also create a mini sbt-project to demonstrate how you can get started with unit testing using Scalatest and JUnit.



Episode 0, Hello World!

Who am I and why did I start Scala Casts? Pay attention to the beautiful backdrop made of an old sheet! I’m going to try to make the site and the screencasts a bit more polished over time. I promise.


First Post!

Hello world!

I’m Jörgen Lundberg and this is the first post on this brand new blog. I plan to do screencasts related to Scala on a probably not so regular basis.

So, why did I start Scala Casts? I started exploring Scala a little more than a year ago and I liked it right from the start. A few weeks later I started the Gothenburg Scala Enthusiasts, a Scala user group here in Gothenburg Sweden. I’ve had so much fun organizing the meetings and meeting other geeks interested in Scala. When we started the user group I was a Scala newbie and the thing I’ve realized during this past year is that you don’t have to be a guru to organize meetups and get interesting discussions going.

I was looking at the Ruby Heroes Awards from RailsConf 2011 and after the awards had been handed out, Gregg Pollack started talking about screencasting. He talked about how David Heinemeier Hansson had told him that “We need more introductory content” and how he created Rails for Zombies and The Code School Screencasting Framework. I was really inspired by that and after watching the video on how to produce a screencast I thought “Hmm, introductory material… I can do that!”.

So, I registered the domain, installed wordpress, got accounts on twitter and github, bought some software and a microphone and I give you Scala Casts!

Finally, I want to thank my company SolidBeans for coughing up the money to buy the software needed and a decent microphone. If you need help developing software for the JVM come check us out.